5 Fun Tips you can try to start learning Bahasa Indonesia

Gede Murta

5 Fun Tips you can try to start learning Bahasa Indonesia

5 tips for learning bahasa indonesia
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Some people around the world travel to see wonderful Indonesia but then having difficulties to communicate with the locals. It sometimes becomes one of many reasons “why you should not visit Indonesia”. Many foreigners start to learn Bahasa Indonesia and sometimes it is difficult to understand because not knowing where to start. There are 5 fun tips you can try to start learning Bahasa Indonesia. Understanding Bahasa Indonesia is important because this will give you better travel experiences. There are some different types of Bahasa Indonesia and accents used according to districts. We can simply categorize it as formal Bahasa Indonesia and Informal Bahasa Indonesia. People believe that the best place to find and learn the authentic or the original Bahasa Indonesia is in Jogjakarta, Sumatra, or Java.  The location of learning a more common Bahasa Indonesia can be found in almost all districts in Indonesia. However, there are 5 best tips you can try to start learning Bahasa Indonesia.

1. Make friends in Indonesia

“Make friends, not war” is a statement we can live with. Socializing each other is a compulsory need as well even when we travel to other countries. Learning one language is not enough since we live in a world full of amazingly great different languages. Indonesia is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. However, using one language to communicate is one tricky thing since not all Indonesians are able to speak in English. Therefore, Learning Bahasa Indonesia is a necessity and it is much more enjoyable when we start it in a fun way.

Being a friend with Indonesian is a good start to learn Bahasa Indonesia because you will hear the spoken language of daily Indonesian conversation. Starting from a greeting to a longer discussion. However, you need to be active in listening by asking some questions like meaning or its usage. Making and being a good friend and they will happily help you in learning Bahasa directly or indirectly. Indonesia is well known to be one of the most friendly, polite and patient countries in the world. In addition, Indonesian are happy to learn many languages such as English. Thus, the chance to learn Bahasa Indonesia still widely open for those who plan to explore Indonesia. 

2. Follow the Indonesians’ social media

Nowadays, Social media is widely used for communication or for business purposes. Indonesia is one of many countries with the most rapid use of the internet. Many positive social media platforms are available to be explored and to learn Bahasa Indonesia as well. Instagram for instance. Many places and Indonesian foods are shared as a regular post. Follow one or more social media and read the comments. Most of the comments are categorized to be short and still in Bahasa Indonesia. Therefore, this can be a good idea to read, and understand some practical Indonesian words. 

3. Comment in Bahasa Indonesia in social media

After understanding the comments on social media, try to write a short comment. If you are lucky, somebody will reply to your comment and communication can be established. This will create self-confidence for those are still afraid of trying to communicate using Bahasa Indonesia for the first time. 

4. Watch TVRI TV Program

TVRI is a state-owned, public broadcasting television network that covers almost all regions in Indonesia including  29 regional stations. TVRI is also happening to be the oldest television network in Indonesia. This makes it a more educationally programmed and less “drama” compared to other commercial TV stations. Learning Bahasa Indonesia by watching the programs presented is presumably better. 

5. Join a Bahasa Indonesia course

A Bahasa Indonesia Training School is one of many solutions that is available for those who are seeking for a more well-prepared activity. Everyone needs a guide to succeeding in something.  A guide can lead us to learn better and share learning techniques. 


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Gede Murta

Gede Murta

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