Topik Speaking bahasa inggris untuk percakapan yang menarik

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Topik speaking untuk percakapan bahasa inggris yang menarik sangat penting digunakan ketika sebuah pembicaraan berlangsung. Terkadang kita bingung untuk mencari topik yang sesuai dalam percakapan bahasa inggris. Kadang malah topik yang dibicarakan habis. Nah untuk percakapan yang berkelanjutan, pahami beberapa topik speaking untuk percakapan bahasa inggris yang menarik.

Mencari referensi di youtube chanel yang membahas beberapa topik belajar dari film secara menyenangkan bisa jadi solusi. Sebagai tambahan topik yang lebih banyak lagi, pahami penjelasan beberapa topik berikut.

A. Topik Description

Topik ini mengharuskan kita untuk menceritakan secara detail suatu hal sesuai dengan apa yang menjadi pertanyaan di bawah ini.

  1. Describing your school/college/work environment.
  2. Your New Year’s celebration.
  3. Describing the environment of your house.
  4. Tourism destinations in your district/ The most amazing place we should visit in your location.
  5. The funniest moment that you’ve ever faced.
  6. The discipline/regulation in your school/college/work.
  7. Your experience of learning a foreign language.
  8. Your family daily activities.
  9. Celebration of the holy day in your family/ your village.
  10. Radio broadcasting in your town.
  11. Your unique hobby.
  12. The best place for shopping in your area.
  13. Describing your ideal date.
  14. Describe your most wanted job.
  15. Describe your best friend’s habits.

B. Topik Comparison

Namanya juga comparison, jadi pertanyaan dan jawabannya nggak jauh-jauh dari perbandingan mengenai dua hal atau lebih. Dibawah ini disediakan topik-topik/judul pembicaraan yang berbentuk perbandingan.

Kalian bisa membuat alasan untuk membandingkan, dan sajikanlah pembicaraan sesuai dengan kemampuan yang kalian miliki.

  1. Living in a village and living in town.
  2. Traveling by land and air transportation.
  3. Becoming an entrepreneur and working for others.
  4. Having brothers or sisters and being the only child.
  5. General and vocational schools.
  6. Traveling with cash money and credit card.
  7. Having news from newspapers and television.
  8. Expressing something by letter and by speaking face to face.
  9. Traditional games and modern ones.
  10. Shopping at a supermarket and traditional market.
  11. Dry season and rainy season in Indonesia.
  12. Girls with long and short hair.
  13. Canned and natural food.
  14. Woodhouse and stone houses.
  15. Eating by using hand and spoon.

C. Topik Problem-Based Argument

Nah, ini topik-topik yang bisa kalian pelajari kalau kalian suka berdebat atau ingin mempersiapkan tes untuk IELTS Speaking. Kemampuan speaking kalian minimal sudah lumayan bagus ya.

  1. The influence of advertising has had on our lives.
  2. Criteria of a good teacher.
  3. Students benefit from participation in extracurricular activities.
  4. Two many lessons/classes in our educational system.
  5. The chief reasons for students’ academic failure in school.
  6. Sex education should be taught in public schools.
  7. Sport helps develop good character.
  8. The chief reasons for students drop out of high school.
  9. Romantic love is a good basis for marriage.
  10. The cause for which someone would be willing to risk your life.
  11. The most important characteristics a civil servant should have.
  12. Gender disorder is a trend.
  13. Some practical ways in which each of us can help to conserve natural resources.
  14. Steps should be taken in order to reduce crime.
  15. Violence in television programs can lead to violence in our society.
  16. Some citizens do not participate in the election for their president.
  17. It is beneficial for a student to work part-time.
  18. Characteristics are important in a person we would choose as a friend.
  19. The essential characteristics of a good parent.
  20. Advice should be given to an entering college freshman.
  21. Prostitution should not be legalized.
  22. The developing countries should have fewer population than modern countries.
  23. Smoking in public places should be illegal and forbidden.
  24. Some states or countries now permit single men and women to adopt children.
  25. Qualities or achievements of someone would feel justified in calling an individual successful.
  26. Radio must continue to be popular in the age of television.
  27. Divorce will do more harm than benefits either for both parents and children.
  28. Society should allow that men and women are equal.
  29. “Self-discipline is the most important ingredient for success.”
  30. Preventing violence in public schools.

Itulah sedikit penjelasan mengenai topik speaking untuk percakapan bahasa inggris yang menarik. Ingin belajar materi/program bahasa inggris lainnya atau lebih ke praktek berbicara bahasa inggris untuk berbicara bahasa inggris yang lebih lancar guna mencari pekerjaan? atau kesulitan dalam menghadapi ujian seperti ujian sekolah, nasional atau tes bahasa inggris internasional seperti IELTS/TOEFL?

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