Menjelaskan Cuaca Ekstrim Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Gede Murta


Berbicara kosakata tentang cuaca, pada artikel ini akan membahas tentang artikel berjudul cuaca-cuaca yang ekstrim yang terjadi di muka bumi ini dalam bahasa Inggris. Yuuk baca artikel di bawah ini:

No.Extreme Weather and MeaningSentence
1.heatwave (gelombang udara panas)

= a period of unusually hot weather

The temperatures of heatwave reach up to 45°C.
2.drought (musim kering)

= a long, usually hot, dry period when there is a little or no rain

Farmers are most affected by the drought. I hope that there will be sufficient rain early in the growing season.
3.hailstorm (hujan es disertai angin ribut)

= a storm with small balls of ice that fall like rain

Forecast said this week will be a strong hailstorm.
4.lightning (petir)

= a flash of very bright light in the sky caused by electricity

There were plenty of lightning during the heavy rain.
5.thunder (gemuruh)

= the loud noise that your hear during a storm

Before the heavy rain, big thunder hit the sky.
6.blizzard (badai salju)

= a snowstorm with very strong winds

The weather warnings for blizzards in some places.
7.Flood (banjir)

= when everything becomes filled and covered with water

After pouring rain in some places, the flood destroyed every village.
8.hurricane (angin badai)

= a violent storm with very strong winds especially in the Western Atlantic Ocean

There was a massive hurricane last month and it destroyed the whole city.
9.tornado (angin topan)

= a violent storm with very strong winds which move in a circle

These type of clouds often bring tornado.
10.monsoon (musim hujan)

= the season when it rains a lot in southern Asia

Heavy monsoon rains have killed at least 68 people.


Selain kosakata di atas, juga terdapat beberapa ekspresi bagaimana mengungkapkan atau menjelaskan/menggambarkan tentang cuaca yang terjadi. Perhatikan kosakata di bawah ini.


No.Words and MeaningSentences

= kencang

Forecast said that today will be very cold with strong winds.

= deras/lebat

It has been raining heavily recently.

= tebal

There will be thick fog in the hills.

= licin karena es/salju

Be careful to drive in icy roads. It will be so slippery.

= cerah/jernih/

Try to sleep on the beach and you’ll see clear skies and bright sunshine.

= terang/benderang


= berubah-ubah

The weather nowadays especially in Indonesia is very changeable.

= cerah akibat sinar matahari

When you come to Bali in a summer time, I bet it’ll be sunny period.

= tenang/tetap

After weeks of storm and strong winds, the weather has finally settled.

Demikian kosakata yang berhubungan tentang cuaca, semoga bermanfaat bagi kalian semua. Nah, untuk mempelajari kosakata baru, kalian tentunya harus menggunakan trik trik tertentu untuk menghafalkannya atau mempelajarinya. Mau tahu gimana caranya? Yuk gabung bersama kami English Café. Kami beralamat di jalan Gunung Soputan I 16 A Denpasar atau kalian bisa menghubungi kami di 0361 481910.

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