Latihan Soal (Verbs)

Gede Murta

Selamat sore, guys! Masih dalam suasana tahun baru, kira-kira, sudah sejauh mana kemampuan bahasa Inggrismu saat ini? Jika kalian telah menguasai tenses yang ada, kalian pasti bisa menjawab latihan soal verbs ini dan itu artinya, kalian mampu menerapkan kemampuan penggunaan kata kerja dengan tenses yang sesuai. Selamat mencoba!

1. Why did you _____ that?

a. Done
b. Did
c. Doing
d. Do

2. I have _____ “The Notebook” three times.

a. Watch
b. Watched
c. Watching
d. Watches

3. Lyla _____ her job.

a. Has been completed
b. Have completed
c. Has completing
d. Has to complete

4. Demian _____ as a freelancer every Friday.

a. Work
b. Worked
c. Working
d. Works

5. Do you _____ with that matter?

a. Understood
b. Understands
c. Understand
d. Understanded

6. She cannot _____ with you forever.

a. Be
b. Been
c. Being
d. Doing

7. He has  _____ with me for two hours.

a. Be
b. Been
c. Being
d. Doing

8. I like _____ with the kids, they are so funny.

a. Play
b. To play
c. Playing
d. Plays

9. We _____ not sleeping.

a. Is
b. Am
c. Are
d. Was

10. Gina will _____ her house tomorrow.

a. Leave
b. Left
c. Leaving
d. Leaves



1. d
2. b
3. a
4. d
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. c
9. c
10. a

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