Beberapa Contoh Ekspresi untuk Menyatakan Pengulangan

Gede Murta

Pernahkah kalian mendengarkan seseorang berbicara bahasa Inggris namun kurang paham/tidak paham dengan artinya? Dan kalian ingin meminta untuk mengulang kembali atas pertanyaan yang dimaksud atau ingin menanyakan ulang yang dimaksud?

Ekspresi ini juga sangat penting bagi kalian yang akan mengambil tes IELTS terutama pada bagian speaking. Pada bagian speaking tentunya ada sesi dialog, interviewer pasti menanyakan beberapa pertanyaan yang mungkin kalian tidak jelas atau tidak paham dengan pertanyaannya. Nah, ekspresi di bawah ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk menanyakan hal-hal yang belum/kurang jelas. Silahkan disimak ya.

Contoh kalimat.

  1. A: Could you please tell me about your hometown?

          B: Pardon!

          A: I mean, can you tell me about where you come from?

  1. A: We will divide the group into five then give the name of the group based on the flash card that you get and collect to me the result immediately.

           B: Sorry, I didn’t catch that.

  1. A: My family name is Muthara Khan.

          B: Do you mind repeating that?

  1. A: We have only got $30000 this year. Make sure we’ll get more up to $60000 by next year.

          B: Got it.

  1. A: The education office will provide scholarships to underprivileged students in several schools in Bali, especially North Bali and surrounding areas. Make sure the scholarship is accepted by students who are truly disadvantaged so that students can continue their education. I will split the task. Your team will go to North of Bali and your team will approach the other place.

          B: I beg your pardon?

  1.  A: For the purpose of this discussion, I’m Dr. Lester going to divide music roughly into two types: music which stimulates us and music which calms us. It seems that music which stimulates us gives rise to actual changes to our bodies. We listen to exciting music and our hearts beat faster, our blood pressure rises, and our blood flows more quickly. In short, we’re stimulated. Soothing music, however has the opposite effect. We relax, let the world go by. Our heart beats more gently, our blood pressure drops, and we feel calm. Uh, Alex, can you think of things which helps us to relax?

          B: Um.. I didn’t catch that last part.

  1.  A: On Tuesday you will be with Dr Thomas in the morning and Dr Robertson in the afternoon. No, that can’t be right. You are with Dr Thomas in the afternoon and Dr Robertson in the morning. Understand?

           B: Can you repeat that for me please?

  1. A: The direction of Ubud Market from here is you just go straight of this road till you find three junction. Then you turn left, go along that road then you will find the traffic light, turn right. Walk about 100 meters then you’ll find the Ubud Market on your right side.

          B: I am lost please repeat.

  1. A: Bruno Murray. He wrote children’s books – a whole series called A Child’s Guide to and then the name of the city. It’s called the Emerald Isle and it’s all about Ireland. Apparently she went around Ireland on foot.

          B: Could you/Can you please repeat that?

  1. A: Well, the result of the report will be announced by the end of this year. Sorry for making you wait so long.

          B:  Now I see, thank you!

Demikian beberapa contoh ekspresi pengulangan dalam bahasa Inggris ketika kita kurang paham dengan apa yang dimaksud, ekspresi yang paling biasa digunakan adalah “Can you repeat again?” yang artinya “Bisakah kamu ulangi lagi?”. Nah, sekarang kalian tahu beberapa ekspresi lainnya, cobalah menggunakan ekspresi lain tersebut ya, agar kosakata kalian juga semakin bertambah.

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