Bagi pelajar pemula, mengetahui verb (kata kerja) sangat penting untuk dapat membangun struktur kalimat. Belajar bahasa Inggris memang memerlukan niat yang kuat untuk bisa mahir berbicara, menulis, membaca dan mendengarkan. Maka dari itu, mulailah dengan hal yang paling mendasar, yaitu mengenal verb. Ciri-ciri verb tentu saja berupa kegiatan atau activity. Berikut saya bagi 30 verbs beserta contoh kalimatnya. Enjoy!

1. ACT
She acts like she doesn’t know me.
He acted differently when his friends were around.

It’s raining outside, my mom brings me to school and pick me up.
Sarah brought a new Singapore T-Shirt.

That little girl  is playing hide and seek with her friend.
I used to play the guitar.

4. GO
They’ve gone to Lombok three times.
Mira went to the bookstore.

5. SAY
She said that she will come to my house tonight.
I won’t say anything about your secret.

What a hot day! I feel burned!
She doesn’t feel good to go to work.

You should think about your decision again.
I think people here are quite unfriendly.

He helps me repairing my laptop.
Excuse me, would you help me please?

Her father sent her to a dormitory.
My mom sends me a box of chocolate.

10. WORK
She’s working until midnight
I work at the biggest company in Bali

11. SIT
I sat beside my girlfriend yesterday
You sit behind the door

She’ll write a letter for me
They wrote a report last month

13. MAKE
We’ve made new resolutions for next year
He made a beautiful cake when my birthday

14. OPEN
My mom opened a gallery near the big street

15. LOOK
I’m looking for you everywhere!
She looks at me quickly when I call her from the distance.

Oke, sudah 15. Sekarang coba latihan di rumah, bisakah kalian menemukan 15 verbs yang berbeda dari apa yang telah saya buat?
Good luck! 🙂

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