Masih Bingung dengan Gerund?

Gede Murta

Kenapa ada gerund dalam belajar bahasa Inggris? Apa juga yang membedakan gerund dengan kata kerja yang berakhiran -ing? Nah, gerund pada dasarnya memang dibentuk oleh kata kerja yang berakhiran -ing yang fungsinya adalah sebagai noun (kata benda). Kata ini memang bersifat verbal atau dibentuk dari kata kerja, nah, karena berfungsi sebagai kata benda, maka harus ada kata kerja lain yang mengikutinya.

Please note this difference;

I am visiting my friend’s house. (Staying = kata kerja, saya sedang mengunjungi rumah teman saya).
Walking is the only way to get there. (Walking = kata benda)

Penggunaan Gerund

Contoh kalimat gerund


Subyek kalimatSwimming is my hobby
guitar may be hard for some people
Reading is better than doing nothing.
Swimming, playing dan reading merupakan subyek kalimat atau subyek of sentence.
ObjekShe likes shopping
I hate waiting.
Shopping dan waiting merupakan objek dari kalimat
Pelengkap subjekMy favorite activity on the weekend is watching movie.
Their favorite sport is playing badminton.
Watching dan playing merupakan pelengkap subjek dari verb (to be) is
Objek yang mengikuti prepositionI will wash the dishes after eating.
I and Dina discussed about sending email.
eating dan sending email merupakan obyek yang mengikuti preposition after dan about
AppositiveHis habit, smoking, has to be stopped from now on.
That difficult work, sawing, makes him exhausted.
smoking dan sawing merupakan appositive dalam kalimat tersebut.

Verb yang diikuti oleh Gerund


Contoh Verb

Contoh Kalimat Gerund

Tanpa tambahan agentacknowledge, admit, advise, allow, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, begin, celebrate, consider, continue, delay, deny, discuss, dislike, endure, enjoy, finish, forget, give up, hate, help, practice, prefer, propose, quit, recommend, regret, remember, start, stop, suggest, teach, try, understand, etcI dislike discussing about political matters.
She suggested staying at the hotel.
Perlu tambahan agenthear, watch, see, needWe saw him stealing Nina’s money.
Lidya needs her mom staying with her.
(him dan her mom adalah agent untuk kalimat di atas)



  1. ………… all the way make us tired.
    a. Walk
    b. Walking
    c. We walk
    d. We have walked
    e. By walking
  2. I don’t like ………… to another school
    a. Mira moves
    b. Mira she’s moving
    c. Mira move
    d. Mira’s moving
    e. The moving of Mira
  3. I’m sorry for ………… you angry.
    a. Doing
    b. Making
    c. Causing
    d. Creating
    e. Developing
  4. Little children are usually afraid of ………… by their mother.
    a. Left
    b. To left
    c. Being left
    d. Leaving
    e. Been left
  5. My brother has been away from home for years without ever ………… to us.
    a. To write
    b. To be written
    c. Have written
    d. Writing
    e. Written
  6. Before ………… his essay, he read books on the subject.
    a. He writes
    b. He has written
    c. Writing
    d. He has written
    e. I am writing
  7. Since my father and my mother are both working, we usually go ………… on Sundays
    a. to shop
    b. they shop
    c. shopping
    d. for shopping
    e. shop
  8. After ………… his pass, he has allowed to enter the building.
    a. Shown
    b. Have shown
    c. Showed
    d. Showing
    e. To show
  9. Although Dino has denied ………… the money, they are still suspecting him.
    a. Stolen
    b. Steal
    c. To steal
    d. Stealing
    e. Have stolen
  10. We did not know how ………… him stop drinking
    a. Make
    b. Made
    c. to make
    d. to be made
    e. making
  11. He must avoid ………… too hard because of his poor health.
    a. Be working
    b. In working
    c. Work
    d. Working
    e. To be working
  12. Would you mind ………… so loud?
    a. To talk
    b. To not talking
    c. Not talking
    d. You not talk
    e. Not to talk.
  13. Please excuse me ………… you.
    a. To interrupt
    b. Interrupt
    c. Interrupting
    d. Interrupted
    e. For interrupting
  14. I remember ………… in his town when traffic wasn’t too heavy get.
    a. Be driving
    b. We driving
    c. Drive
    d. Our driving
    e. To drive.
  15. She is good at …………
    a. Dance
    b. To dance
    c. Being dance
    d. Dances
    e. Dancing
  16. I am looking forward to ………… a salary raise next month
    a. Get
    b. Be getting
    c. Getting
    d. Have got
    e. Got
  17. Have you considered ………… to an apartment closer to your office?
    a. Move
    b. To move
    c. Moved
    d. Moving
    e. To be moving
  18. A: It’s hot in here. The air condition is not working’.
    B: I think it only needs ………….”
    a. To clean
    b. Cleaning
    c. Cleaned
    d. Clean
    e. Be cleaned
  19. In her letter my friend said that she was looking forward ………… from me again.
    a. To hearing
    b. To hear
    c. Hearing
    d. Having heard
    e. Hears
  20. A: What does this song remind you of?
    B: ………… with my first date.
    a. Dances
    b. To dance
    c. Dancing
    d. To be dancing
    e. Dance

The Answers
1. B 6. C 11. D 16. C
2. D 7. C 12. C 17. D
3. B 8. D 13. E 18. B
4. C 9. D 14. D 19. A
5. D 10. C 15. E 20. C

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